1: 1. Sherwood Valley Ski Area, California offers affordable skiing in a stunning location.

2: 2. Mount Lemmon Ski Valley, Arizona boasts budget-friendly rates and beautiful views.

3: 3. Sipapu Ski Resort, New Mexico provides low-cost skiing with a family-friendly vibe.

4: 4. Ski Apache, New Mexico is a budget-friendly option with diverse terrain.

5: 5. Snow Trails, Ohio offers affordable skiing close to major cities.

6: 6. Arizona Snowbowl, Arizona provides budget-friendly skiing with stunning mountain views.

7: 7. Sunrise Park Resort, Arizona offers affordable skiing on a large mountain.

8: 8. Bear Valley Mountain, California boasts budget-friendly rates and excellent snow conditions.

9: 9. Bolton Valley, Vermont provides budget-friendly skiing in a picturesque setting.

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