1: In a shocking upset, Miami Heat defeat Boston Celtics in epic Game 7 showdown in 2024 NBA playoffs.

2: Star player LeBron James leads Heat to victory over Celtics, securing spot in NBA Finals.

3: Fans left in awe as underdog Heat dominate top-seeded Celtics in thrilling overtime win.

4: Incredible game-winner by rookie sensation seals Miami Heat's historic playoff run.

5: Miami Heat's unexpected triumph over Boston Celtics sends shockwaves through NBA.

6: Rivalry between Heat and Celtics reaches new heights in intense playoff showdown.

7: Remarkable comeback by Heat against Celtics solidifies Miami as playoff contenders.

8: Unforgettable performance by Heat's dynamic duo stuns Celtics and the basketball world.

9: Miami Heat's Cinderella story continues as they advance to NBA Finals, leaving Celtics in their wake.

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