1: 1. Tony and Ziva's chemistry grew in season 3's "Under Covers," hinting at a deeper connection. 2. "Cloak" reveal Tony's romantic interest in Ziva, setting the stage for future development.

2: 3. "Recoil" saw Tony saving Ziva, showcasing his protective instincts. 4. Tony's emotional farewell in "Shiva" hinted at unresolved feelings for Ziva.

3: 5. Ziva's return in "She" reignited the spark between her and Tony. 6. Their reunion in "Family First" hinted at a possible future together.

4: 7. The tension in "Past, Present, and Future" hinted at unresolved issues between Tony and Ziva. 8. "She" set the stage for a potential romantic reunion between the two.

5: 9. Tony's confession in "Extreme Prejudice" showed his deep feelings for Ziva. 10. Their emotional reunion in "Devil's Trifecta" hinted at a deeper connection.

6: 11. Ziva's sacrifice in "Berlin" showcased her love for Tony. 12. The unresolved tension in "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" hinted at a complicated relationship.

7: 13. Tony's realization in "Return to Sender" hinted at his feelings for Ziva. 14. "Aliyah" showcased Tony's willingness to sacrifice for Ziva.

8: 15. The emotional goodbye in "Goodbye" hinted at a deeper connection between Tony and Ziva. 16. "Shiva" showed the depth of Tony and Ziva's bond.

9: 17. Their reunion in "Family First" hinted at a possible future together. 18. The chemistry between Tony and Ziva hinted at a deeper story waiting to be told.

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