1: "Intro to Forbidden Car Mods" Learn about 5 mods that are banned but still a hit with car enthusiasts.

2: "Tinted Windows" Dark windows may be illegal in some places, but they add a sleek, mysterious vibe to any ride.

3: "Loud Exhaust Systems" Though they may be frowned upon, a roaring exhaust can turn heads and add attitude to your car.

4: "Lift Kits" Raising your car's suspension is restricted in some areas, but it gives you a commanding presence on the road.

5: "Underbody Neon Lights" While they may be prohibited, neon lights can add a futuristic touch and make your car stand out at night.

6: "Engine Swaps" Switching out your engine for a more powerful one can be against the law, but it can also give you a thrilling boost in performance.

7: "Bumper Stickers" Though they may be banned in certain locations, bumper stickers allow you to showcase your personality and beliefs on the road.

8: "Spiked Lug Nuts" While they are restricted in some areas, spiked lug nuts can give your car an aggressive look that sets you apart from the crowd.

9: "Conclusion" Breaking the rules with these forbidden mods may come with consequences, but they undeniably add a cool factor to your car.

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