1: "NCIS: Tony & Ziva" - Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David reunite for action-packed adventures.

2: "NCIS: The Fornell Files" - FBI Agent Tobias Fornell tackles cases with Gibbs and co.

3: "NCIS: Abby's Lab" - Forensic scientist Abby Sciuto solves mysteries in her own spinoff.

4: "NCIS: McGee & Bishop" - Tim McGee and Ellie Bishop team up for thrilling investigations.

5: "NCIS: Vance's Legacy" - Director Leon Vance leads a new generation of NCIS agents.

6: "NCIS: Ducky's Diaries" - Dr. Donald Mallard shares his insights on past cases.

7: "NCIS: Torres & Sloane" - Nick Torres and Jack Sloane face danger together in a new series.

8: "NCIS: Kasie's Chronicles" - Kasie Hines takes center stage with her tech savvy skills.

9: "NCIS: The Palmer Protocol" - Jimmy Palmer steps up as a key player in NCIS operations.

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