1: "Start your day with a magnesium-packed breakfast to boost energy and focus."

2: "Oatmeal with almonds and banana provides a delicious magnesium-rich option."

3: "Add pumpkin seeds to Greek yogurt for a creamy and magnesium-filled morning meal."

4: "Quinoa and chia seed pudding offer a nutrient-dense breakfast with magnesium."

5: "Try a spinach and feta omelette for a savory and magnesium-rich start."

6: "Avocado toast with smoked salmon is a tasty way to get your magnesium fix."

7: "Enjoy a smoothie bowl with dark chocolate and nuts for a magnesium boost."

8: "Sliced zucchini with eggs and herbs offers a low-carb magnesium-rich option."

9: "Start your day strong with these 6 delicious and magnesium-rich breakfast ideas."

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