1: Discover the top 8 calmest dog breeds perfect for seniors. Enjoy the company of gentle and easygoing puppies.

2: Meet the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, known for its affectionate nature and friendly demeanor.

3: Explore the Bichon Frise, a playful and gentle breed that loves to cuddle and relax with seniors.

4: Learn about the Greyhound, a gentle giant that enjoys long naps and leisurely strolls with its senior owner.

5: Discover the Shih Tzu, a sweet and adaptable companion that thrives on affection and companionship.

6: Meet the French Bulldog, a charming and laid-back breed that is perfect for seniors seeking a calm and loyal companion.

7: Learn about the Pug, a lovable and easygoing breed that enjoys lounging on the couch with its senior owner.

8: Explore the Maltese, a devoted and gentle breed that loves to be by its senior owner's side at all times.

9: Discover the Pomeranian, a cheerful and affectionate breed that brings joy and comfort to seniors seeking a loyal companion.

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