1: Remember when corded phones were a status symbol? Now vintage phones are luxury decor.

2: Branded denim jackets were all the rage in the 90s - now they're high fashion.

3: Portable CD players were a must-have in the 80s - now considered retro luxury.

4: Fax machines were once a business essential, now a rare luxury item.

5: Leather-bound encyclopedias were a mark of sophistication in the 80s - a luxury now.

6: Having a pager was a sign of importance in the 90s - now a luxury for collectors.

7: Velvet tracksuits were a fashion statement in the 80s, now a luxury loungewear staple.

8: Owning a Walkman was a symbol of cool in the 90s - now a luxury vintage gadget.

9: VCRs were a household staple in the 80s - now a luxury item for movie enthusiasts.

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