1: 1. Traditional French mani with a twist: try contrasting tips for a modern look.

2: 2. Negative space French tips: leave a gap between the tip and base for a chic effect.

3: 3. French ombre nails: blend the white tip into a soft pink or nude base.

4: 4. Double French tip: add a second thin line below the white tip for a modern touch.

5: 5. French tip with a pop of color: paint the tip in a bold hue for a playful twist.

6: 6. French tip with glitter: add sparkle to the tips for a glamorous finishing touch.

7: 7. Geometric French tips: create geometric shapes on the tips for a trendy style.

8: 8. French tip with rhinestones: add a touch of bling to your classic French mani.

9: 9. French tip with a matte finish: choose a matte topcoat for a sleek and sophisticated look.

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