1: Akira Toriyama celebrates Disney's 70th anniversary with an incredible illustration of Mickey and Minnie.

2: The iconic characters Mickey and Minnie are beautifully portrayed in Toriyama's unique style.

3: This collaboration between Toriyama and Disney has delighted fans around the world.

4: The illustration captures the essence of Disney's magic and Toriyama's creativity.

5: Fans of Toriyama and Disney alike have praised this special illustration.

6: The attention to detail in Toriyama's drawing of Mickey and Minnie is truly impressive.

7: This collaboration is a fitting tribute to Disney's 70 years of entertainment excellence.

8: Toriyama's interpretation of Mickey and Minnie is a true work of art.

9: The celebration of Disney's 70th anniversary is made even more special with Toriyama's illustration.

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