1: Discover how NASA used innovative technology to repair Voyager 1 from 15 billion miles away.

2: Learn about the challenges NASA faced and the incredible teamwork that went into fixing Voyager 1.

3: Explore the groundbreaking communication methods that allowed NASA to communicate with Voyager 1.

4: Understand the importance of Voyager 1 and how its repair has helped further our understanding of space.

5: Get insights into the intricate procedures and calculations involved in repairing Voyager 1 remotely.

6: Witness the determination and expertise of NASA scientists as they successfully fixed Voyager 1's issues.

7: See how NASA's ingenuity and perseverance made history by repairing Voyager 1 across such vast distances.

8: Experience the excitement and triumph of NASA as Voyager 1 resumed its mission after being repaired.

9: Join us in celebrating the incredible feat of repairing Voyager 1 from an astonishing 15 billion miles away.

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