1: Jimmy Sees His Father Get Conned: Watch as Jimmy witnesses his father fall victim to a scam involving an inflatable advertisement.

2: Inflatable Debacle: Discover how a seemingly harmless inflatable advertising strategy turns into a major con for Jimmy's father.

3: Jimmy's Shock: Follow Jimmy as he grapples with the realization that his father has been swindled in an inflatable scheme.

4: Father's Mistake: Learn about the consequences Jimmy's father faces after being duped by a deceptive inflatable promotion.

5: Better Call Saul: See how Jimmy turns to the law for justice after his father's conundrum with an inflatable con artist.

6: Legal Battle: Witness the intense courtroom drama as Jimmy fights for justice against the inflatable scammer in Better Call Saul.

7: Rise of Saul: Explore how Jimmy transforms into his alter ego, Saul Goodman, to take down the inflatable fraudsters.

8: Taking Action: Join Jimmy/Saul as he navigates the legal system to seek retribution for his father's inflatable con.

9: Final Verdict: Discover the outcome of Jimmy's quest for justice in this gripping tale of deceit, redemption, and the power of the law.

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