1: NCIS star Sean Murray reflects on his 21 years portraying Special Agent Timothy McGee.

2: Murray shares his thoughts on reaching the milestone of 1000 episodes of NCIS.

3: Learn about Murray's journey from a recurring character to a series regular on NCIS.

4: Discover the challenges and highlights Murray faced throughout his time on the show.

5: Explore how Murray's character, McGee, has evolved over 21 seasons of NCIS.

6: Get insights from Murray on the impact NCIS has had on his career and personal life.

7: Find out what fans can expect from Murray and his character in future episodes of NCIS.

8: Learn how Murray's relationships with his co-stars have grown over the years on NCIS.

9: Join us in celebrating Sean Murray's contributions to NCIS and the legacy he leaves behind.

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NCIS' Sean Murray Looks Back on 21 Years and 1000 Episode