1: Rare Silver 80K 1932D Washington Quarter - A collectible numismatic gem from 1932. Limited mintage of 80,000 pieces.

2: 1932S Washington Quarter - Scarce 1932 issue. Minted in San Francisco with a low mintage of 90,000.

3: Rarity Defined - The 1932D Washington Quarter is a rare find with only 80,000 minted.

4: Key Date Alert - The 1932S Washington Quarter is a key date with just 90,000 produced.

5: Numismatic Treasure - Secure a 1932D Washington Quarter for your collection. Only 80,000 ever minted.

6: Highly Sought After - The 1932S Washington Quarter is in high demand due to its low mintage of 90,000.

7: Mint Condition - Add a 1932D Washington Quarter to your collection. A rare silver coin with a mintage of just 80,000.

8: Investment Opportunity - The 1932S Washington Quarter, minted at 90,000, is a prized numismatic investment.

9: Collector's Dream - The 80K 1932D Washington Quarter and 90K 1932S Washington Quarter belong in every collector's showcase.

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