1: NBA investigates incident Nikola Jokic's brother punches fan Lakers game video

2: Fan altercation caught on camera League takes action against violence Brother of NBA player involved

3: Jokic's sibling in hot water Fan confrontation sparks investigation Violence not tolerated at games

4: Video shows fan altercation NBA condemns player's brother's actions Incident at Lakers game under scrutiny

5: Brother of Nikola Jokic involved in altercation League investigates fan punch at Lakers game Video evidence of violent incident

6: NBA looks into player's relative's actions Fan allegedly punched at Lakers game Violence at sporting events unacceptable

7: Nikola Jokic's brother under investigation Fan altercation at NBA game League takes swift action against violence

8: NBA probes incident at Lakers game Jokic's brother faces consequences Violent behavior not tolerated in sports

9: Video evidence of fan altercation NBA investigates player's brother Violence at games not tolerated.

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