1: Plank: A core-strengthening exercise that targets belly fat while improving posture and balance.

2: Russian Twists: Engage obliques and burn belly fat with this effective twisting exercise.

3: Mountain Climbers: Torch calories and target belly fat with this high-intensity cardio move.

4: Crunches: Focus on abdominal muscles to trim waistline and burn fat.

5: Burpees: Full-body exercise that boosts metabolism and burns belly fat fast.

6: Bicycle Crunches: Work obliques and lower abs to sculpt a slim waist.

7: Leg Raises: Strengthen lower abs and burn belly fat with this simple yet effective move.

8: High Knees: Elevate heart rate and trim waistline with this dynamic cardio exercise.

9: Deadlifts: Build muscle and burn belly fat simultaneously for a leaner physique.

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