1: Get ready for the excitement as three top Tony and Ziva spinoff theories are confirmed for NCIS at Paramount in March 2024.

2: Fans have long awaited this moment, and now it's finally happening. Stay tuned for the thrilling adventures ahead.

3: Expect to see your favorite characters in new and unexpected ways as the story unfolds on the small screen.

4: With Paramount stepping in to keep the legacy alive, the stage is set for an epic journey that fans won't want to miss.

5: From new villains to surprising alliances, this spinoff promises to deliver all the drama and intrigue fans have come to expect.

6: The countdown has begun, so mark your calendars and prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Tony and Ziva once again.

7: As the anticipation builds, speculation runs rampant about what twists and turns lie ahead for our beloved duo.

8: Join the conversation online as fans share their excitement and theories about what the future holds for Tony and Ziva.

9: With March 2024 fast approaching, get ready to dive back into the world of NCIS and experience the magic all over again.

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