1: Discover the Healthy Mediterranean Diet Embrace the Main Foods in This Nutritious Eating Plan

2: Olives, Olive Oil, and Avocados Key Sources of Healthy Fats in the Mediterranean Diet

3: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Colorful and Nutrient-Rich Staples of the Mediterranean Diet

4: Whole Grains and Legumes Fiber and Protein-Packed Foods in Mediterranean Cuisine

5: Lean Proteins like Fish and Chicken Balancing Proteins in the Mediterranean Diet

6: Nuts and Seeds Healthy Snack Options in a Mediterranean Eating Plan

7: Herbs and Spices Adding Flavor and Antioxidants to Mediterranean Dishes

8: Yogurt and Cheese Calcium-Rich Dairy Products in Mediterranean Cuisine

9: Red Wine in Moderation A Tasty Addition to the Mediterranean Diet for Heart Health

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