1: The Denver Nuggets play at Pepsi Center, located at an elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level.

2: Altitude can affect athletes' performance at higher elevations due to decreased oxygen levels.

3: Some believe playing at altitude gives the Nuggets a home-court advantage over visiting teams.

4: Studies show that altitude training can improve athletes' endurance and overall performance.

5: The Nuggets have a winning record at home, which may be attributed to playing at altitude.

6: Visitor teams may struggle with fatigue and shortness of breath when playing at Pepsi Center.

7: The altitude of the arena can impact players' conditioning and recovery during games.

8: Denver's altitude may give the Nuggets a physical advantage over visiting teams.

9: Overall, the altitude of the Denver Nuggets' arena may play a role in their success on the court.

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